Providing real time emergency assistance to people in crisis

Bethenny Frankel’s bstrong program is a disaster relief initiative that provides real time emergency assistance to individuals and their families in crisis. Our mission is to empower people struck with tragedy by providing gift cards, emergency aid, food and shelter to disaster victims. Since the launch of the bstrong initiative in 2017, we have been working together with notable charities such as Delivering Good and Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) to raise and distribute millions of dollars to victims of natural disasters around the world. In the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean islands, children, families, women, and men whose lives have been upended by catastrophe have found a helping hand and a start at recovery through aid provided by the bstrong program.

All funds donated to GEM through the bstrong partnership are restricted to the distribution and logistics of purchasing and delivering disaster relief supplies and gift cards to affected populations. 100% of bstrong donations go directly to helping individuals in disaster affected areas with no administrative or overhead expenses withdrawn. GEM is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing emergency disaster relief.

Recent bstrong Missions

Paradise Fires – California

Hurricane Willa – Mexico

Hurricane Michael – Florida

Hurricane Florence – North Carolina

Current Missions Include:

• Provided $25,000 in cash cards and aid to Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina. Supplied search and rescue teams with food and drinks. Supplied two shelters with food, toys for children, and supplies. 

• Delivered a truck of aid and cash cards to Hurricane Michael victims in Florida. (Mission ongoing)

• Delivered a truck of aid to the shelters in Nayarit Mexico within 48 hours after Hurricane Willa hit the coast.

• Woosley Fire, California: Delivered Cash Cards to members of the Boy’s and Girls Club of Malibu and residents of Angora.  (Mission ongoing)

Past Missions Include:

• In 2017, supplied 55 donated planes with aid to the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma and Maria.

• Filled and sent 86 containers to their partner organizations Yonomequito & Third Wave Volunteers in Puerto Rico.

• Sent 10 containers to the Virgin Islands, and a small ship with aid for Dominica, St Maarten and other countries.

• In 2018 assisted the people of Guatemala with three relief missions after Volcano De Fuego erupted.

• Distributed aid to those affected in Guatemala, as well as bstrong gift cards.

• Delivered cash cards in Hawaii to the volcano and earthquake victims at two shelters in Puna.

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