Farrah Abraham: Why She Groomed Her 4-Year-Old's Eyebrows!
Talk Bethenny // 07.21.14 // 18 Comments
Controversial "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham chatted with Bethenny about every aspect of her life and career.
Do You Have a Product for Bethenny to Test?
Ask Bethenny // 07.21.14 // 7 Comments
Bethenny tested infomercial products with Veronica, and now she wants to test yours!            
Is Your House Really Clean? Bethenny's Checklist
Home // 07.21.14 // 6 Comments
To keep your cleaning on track, this checklist from Bethenny's book "Skinnygirl Solutions," on sale now, is a total game-changer. Use it and you’ll be ready for any guest to drop in for last-minute cocktails.
Kristin Cavallari Blows the Lid Off 'The Hills'... Was Anything Real?
Talk Bethenny // 07.18.14 // Add Comment
Judging from Bethenny's guest Kristin Cavallari's brutally honest girl talk about "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," it seems like the phrase "reality TV" didn't apply to either.
How to Walk in High Heels!
Fitness // 07.18.14 // Add Comment
HeelHop.com shoe queen Kamilah Barrett makes walking in high heels look easy. In this how-to video, she walks you through the steps for mastering a confident, sexy strut in any size heel!
Girlfriend Get-Together in Our Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 07.18.14 // Add Comment
Bethenny, Renee Graziano, Andrea Kelly, and Courtney Kerr make in a girls' night in inside our Smilebooth!
Kristin Cavallari in the Smilebooth with Bethenny!
Smilebooth // 07.18.14 // Add Comment
Reality star and brand mogul Kristin Cavallari had a great time in our Smilebooth with Bethenny!
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Ralph Lauren Dress!
Look of the Day // 07.18.14 // Add Comment
Learn about the designers behind Bethenny's look of the day!
Is It Okay to Spy on Your Kids?
Parenting // 07.18.14 // 1 Comments
Do you spy on your kids? Tell us why, or why you don’t, in the comments!
Healthy Grilled Cheese Recipe
Recipe Renovation // 07.18.14 // 1 Comments
Try this comfort food recipe renovation for a quick and easy lunch or snow day meal!
Recipe Renovation: Tomato Soup
Try this with Bethenny's Healthy Grilled Cheese for a comfort food dinner tonight.
Five Wives: How is Jealously Not an Issue?
Married Life // 07.17.14 // 6 Comments
On the show, Bethenny has often discussed a man's ability to work a lot of burners when it comes to balancing different women and relationships. 
Diet Debate: Paleo or Paleo-No?
Diet Debate // 07.17.14 // 16 Comments
With a new diet book released practically every week, Bethenny loves having a "Diet Debate" to give you the information direct from experts, and let you decide what nutritional plan works best for your body and lifestyle.
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Red Hot Heels
Look of the Day // 07.17.14 // Add Comment
It's been a very DVF week for Bethenny, and this black and white print brings a touch of spring, thanks to a pop color in the heel!
Test Your Beauty Smarts!
Skincare // 07.17.14 // 2 Comments
What kitchen spice can help treat breakouts? If you're looking to relieve a sunburn, should you apply guava or strawberries?
Take Care of Your Girls! Mammogram FAQ
Protect Yourself! // 07.16.14 // 6 Comments
Are you worried about getting your first mammogram? Do you think you're too young to worry about your breast health? Dr. Scarmatto has all the answers for some of the most commonly asked questions.
Photo Gallery: Bethenny's Hair Dos!
Hair // 07.16.14 // Add Comment
Here are a few of Bethenny's favorite looks.