Do You Play 'The Game' in Relationships?
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We want to know what you think about playing "the game" in relationships. Is it natural? Unfair? Weigh-in here! 
Carson Kressley to the Rescue: 3 Fashion Mistakes to Easily Avoid!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.21.14 // 3 Comments
Bethenny welcomed "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" veteran and fashion expert Carson Kressley to the show, and we didn't let him get away without telling us the three biggest fashion mistakes women make.
Do You Need a Makeover? Tell us!
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Do you want to hit the "refresh" button as we kickoff the new year? Does your friend need to give up her old look in favor of something new? Share your story with us!
OMG Makeover: This Mom Was Dressing Way Too Young
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When a viewer complained to Bethenny that her mom was dressing way too young (people thought her mom was her sister!) Bethenny got fashion expert Carson Kressley to join her for an intervention.
In the Smilebooth with Nancy Grace!
Smilebooth // 08.21.14 // 1 Comments
Bethenny went where no wrongdoer would ever dare go… into the Smilebooth with righteous Nancy Grace!
Looks Like a Case for Nancy Grace: Which Roomie Is in the Wrong?
Friendship // 08.21.14 // Add Comment
When two audience members and roommates had nowhere else to turn, it was time for Nancy Grace's Relationship Court. Who will she rule for when one roomie is a freeloader and the other invites a forbidden ex over to hang out?
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Zara, Wolford Tights and Gucci Heels!
Watch This: Twins Still Inseparable at... 45!
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Learn about twins who share finances, a house, food… and maybe even a man? Watch this video to see what they have to say!
Who Cheats More, Men or Women?
Dating // 08.20.14 // Add Comment
You may be surprised to see what our expert, "Divorce Court" Judge Lynn Toler, has to say on this!
Are You Ready for Your Moment of Truth?
Are you ready to change your life? Watch this inspiring story and then tell us yours today!
Watch: Plastic Surgery Extremes, Explained
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Watch as a mom of 6, Lacey Wildd, talks about her triple L-cup breasts and why she's not done with her plastic surgery procedures… even though 100 doctors turned her down for her next breast augmentation.  
The Secret to a Successful Marriage
Married Life // 08.20.14 // Add Comment
"Divorce Court's" Judge Lynn Toler talks about her 25-year marriage and how she makes it work!
Bethenny's Relationship Court: The Case of the Remote Hog!
Talk Bethenny // 08.20.14 // 1 Comments
See what Judge Lynn Toler has to say about this couple who can't seem to agree on what TV show to watch!
Photos! Divorce Court, Strange Addictions and an Inspiring Story!
Talk Bethenny // 08.20.14 // 6 Comments
It's an all-new show this Monday with a heartwarming story and some real marriage advice.
Bethenny's Look of the Day: DVF, Vita Fede and Gianvito Rossi!
Look of the Day // 08.20.14 // 1 Comments
Learn about all the designers behind Bethenny's #LOTD!
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Pantone Color of 2014!
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Pantone declared that 2014 is the year of "Radiant Orchid," and Bethenny rocked a shade of it on today's show!
Moon River Bakery: Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie Recipe!
Recipes // 08.19.14 // Add Comment
Learn how to make one of Holly's favorite recipes: Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie!