After going through a divorce,  Bethenny Frankel was inspired to find a way to help other women in crisis find their own place of “yes” and strength. She partnered with Dress for Success to launch bstrong so that other women know they don’t ever have to be in a situation they can’t get out of on their own.

bstrong: Find Your Yes is a crisis intervention initiative provides real time emergency assistance to women who face crises on their road to success. It’s for women in abusive situations, women at a crossroads, and women in dire straits financially. It’s all about helping these women get the tools they need to manage the situation and achieve the best outcome possible.

The initiative offers resources, support, and financial assistance to women dealing with crisis situations:

Digitized crisis intervention and education: The bstrong initiative will provide access to digitized crisis management support that will include a wide-ranging curriculum of educational resources and actionable information.

• Life coaching: Through a partner organization, clients of bstrong will have access to individualized life coaching that will provide an additional layer of support for women in crisis.

• Emergency financial assistance: The initiative will provide real-time emergency assistance for women by helping them meet the associated cost attributed to an unexpected situation or event such as eviction, medical assistance, divorce, food resources and more. 

• Free wraparound services: The bstrong initiative will offer access to services that can assist women in gaining control of particular aspects of their lives that may be threatening their overall stability such as legal counseling, emotional support, behavioral and mental health services and more .