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Recent bstrong Missions

Hurricane Dorian – Bahamas

2020 Puerto Rico Earthquake

Paradise Fires – California

Hurricane Willa – Mexico

Hurricane Michael – Florida

Hurricane Florence – North Carolina

Ongoing Missions Include:

Corona Virus Kits

Due to the lack of medical and sanitation products in the marketplace, BStrong Gem is working directly with Global Empowerment Mission to create and disperse #coronakits to help ensure the necessary items are sent to people and hospitals across the nation. 

These kits will consist of a tote bag with sanitation wipes, gloves, SOS Hydration and the medical community’s recommendations.

These #coronakits will be distributed in various cities throughout United States. Not everyone has funds or access to these products right now so we will focus

  • We have now ordered 120,000 n95 masks going to hospitals nationwide. We are in the process of ordering over 500,000 more n95 masks and gowns. These will be sent throughout the nation.

  • We have 20,000 Corona Kits in our assembly line being created in our Miami headquarters. These are for the public as well as hospital staff.

  • We are accepting funding from any Hospitals, institutions, County Health dept’s and private foundations etc to pass through. Large donors can email us at to structure and earmark each donor’s request. 

  • We have sourced Medical grade Fda approved mask manufactures from China to Israel and we can support tens of millions of orders if proper funding is allocated. We have an MOU with each big donor or group and how many masks they want to fund and have sent to their desired hospital or clinic. 

  • We are not making any money off of this unlike many trying to cash in on this disaster. We work directly with the manufacturing plants.  

  • We are finalizing bringing in Corona Self Test kits that can be done at home with results on the spot. 98% success rate on them. We will first be testing them with key partner hospitals before anything. We will announce the next steps after medical testing. #corona  #coronavirus #covid19

Learn more about the #BStrong efforts in response to COVID-19 and join our work here:


Australia Bushfires – Mission Outline

  • #BStrong Gem was on the ground in the Australian states of Victoria, NSW and South Australia including Kangaroo Island.
  • We distributed $242,000 Aud in BStrong gift cards directly to residents who lost their homes in the bush fires.
  • Supply fire gear and necessary support to Australian fire departments for long-term efforts. 
  • Support animals and animal hospitals 
  • Sending first tranche of Miami Beach Firefighters (approx. 20 firefighters) to New South Wales to assist their fire services units. 
  • Will continue to send planes with firefighters until fires are contained.
  • Next team = 50 firefighters
  • Will continue to send teams on rotation.
  • Amassing fire gear from various fire departments in the US. Sending containers of gear to equip volunteer firefighters for the entire fire season, which continues for another 3 months in Australia.
  • Giving bstrong gift cards at shelters
  • Funding organizations working on the ground in Australia saving animals.

Amazon Fires

  • Supplied 400 volunteer firefighters with full gear. 
  • On ground for 3 months. 
  • Just sent a container to prepare 300 more firefighters for the next fire season (total of 700 sets of gear sent to firefighters)

Puerto Rico Earthquake

  • GEM #bstrong and our Puerto Rico ground partner, Yo No Me Quito, was on the ground within 48 hours of the January 7, 2020 earthquake. 
  • Distributed $20,000 in bStrong cash cards to earthquake survivors in shelters in the towns of Ponce, Yauco, Guanayilla, Guanica and Peñuelas.
  • Distributed generators to the elderly on dialysis machines
  • Currently collecting aid and temporary housing supplies at our GEM headquarters in Miami, Florida. ( 1148 NW 72nd Street Miami, FL 33150) For more information please contact
  • Sending containers of relief to Puerto Rico 
  • Cash cards distributed in Puerto Rico to people who lost their homes.
  • Our year-round 40,000 sq ft warehouse receives aid daily from the entire country, so we are always ready.
  • We collect, sort, palletize and ship. That alone is a full time enterprise. We are able to get the nation’s aid into the hands of the needy in real time within 48 hours of most events.

Hurricane Dorian

  • Delivered over 195,000 pounds of supplies to aid victims of Hurricane Dorian.
  • Assisted in over 850 evacuations.
  • 2.5 m lbs of aid sent to Bahamas in 14 ship loads.
  • Supplied aid to N. Abaco since Sept 3 (ongoing).
  • Rebuilding 3 main schools that will put 1000 children back in school
  • Repairing 700 homes that will put over 5,000 people back in their homes.

Recent Missions Include:

Hurricane Florence, 2018

  • Provided $25,000 in cash cards and aid to Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina.
  • Supplied search and rescue teams with food and drinks. Supplied two shelters with food, toys for children, and supplies.

Hurricane Michael, 2018

  • Delivered a truck of aid and cash cards to Hurricane Michael victims in Florida.

Hurricane Willa, 2018

  • Delivered a truck of aid to the shelters in Nayarit Mexico within 48 hours after Hurricane Willa hit the coast.

California Fires, 2018

  • Woosley Fire, California: Delivered Cash Cards to members of the Boy’s and Girls Club of Malibu and residents of Angora
  • On ground for 9 months providing relief for the California fires. Over 300k in cash cards distributed.

Hurricane Irma & Maria, 2017

  • In 2017, supplied 55 donated planes with aid to the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma and Maria.
  • 106, 40 ft containers sent to 6 countries and 2 territories for Hurricane Irma.
  • Over 10 million pounds of supplies sent. 55 planes total. 
  • Filled and sent 86 containers to partner organizations Yonomequito & Third Wave Volunteers in Puerto Rico.
  • Sent 10 containers to the Virgin Islands, and a small ship with aid for Dominica, St Maarten and other countries.

Volcán de Fuego eruption, 2018

  • Assisted the people of Guatemala with three relief missions after Volcano De Fuego erupted.  Provided cash cards and aid at shelters.

Lower Puna Eruption, 2018

  • Delivered cash cards in Hawaii to the volcano and earthquake victims at two shelters in Puna.

DISCLAIMER: All funds donated to Global Empowerment Mission through the BStrong partnership are restricted to the distribution and logistics of purchasing and delivering disaster relief supplies, sending rescue teams to disaster struck areas, and distributing gift cards to affected populations. 100% of BStrong donations go directly to helping individuals in disaster affected areas with no administrative or overhead expenses withdrawn. GEM is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing emergency disaster relief. 

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