The Skinnygirl Fixologist Formula

Apply this four-step formula to any cocktail recipe and you’ll be renovating that drink to be lighter with fewer calories and less of a morning-after impact.

1. Fill rocks glass (short glass) with ice. Always use a lot of ice. As the ice melts, you can keep sipping the water.

2. Add clear liquor (pour while counting 1-2, or use a shot glass.) Clear liquor is cleaner and lighter with fewer impurities than dark liquor, so you are less likely to have a hangover (and the resulting desire to eat too much) the next day. I never drink dark liquor. Tequila and rum both come in clear versions. Gin and vodka are clear, and you can make vodka versions of just about any drink. I love tequila, but if the only kind available is brown, I’ll have vodka

3. Fill the glass the rest of the way up with club soda or seltzer, which should be another “classic” in your refrigerator. This reduces the strength of the drink and helps keep you hydrated. Add just a splash of sweet or fruity component that gives the drink its character – typically this will be a sweet liqueur, a sugary mix, or fruit juice. Go very light, with just enough flavor to accent the drink. Add fresh fruit for garnish whenever possible.


If you normally drink vodka and cranberry juice…

– Now you drink vodka and soda on the rocks with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime wedge.

If you normally drink gin or vodka martinis…

– Now you drink gin or vodka with soda on the rocks with a splash  of olive juice and an olive or a twist

If you normally drink margaritas

– Now you drink clear tequila with soda on the rocks with a splash of citrus liqueur and 3 or 4 lime wedges


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