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Best Breakup Comebacks!
Dating // 07.25.14 // 16 Comments
Bethenny had blogger Quin Woodward Pu on the show to talk about how she publicly shamed a guy who politely ended things with her after two dates... via text.
Busted by Body Language: How to Tell If a Guy is Into You
Dating // 07.24.14 // 1 Comments
"Human Lie Detector" Janine Driver has made a career of using her advanced understanding of body language to figure out if people are lying. She's been hired by companies to find thieving employees, she's worked for the CIA, and she's a New York Times…
Five Wives: How is Jealously Not an Issue?
Married Life // 07.17.14 // 6 Comments
On the show, Bethenny has often discussed a man's ability to work a lot of burners when it comes to balancing different women and relationships. 
Make His Head Spin: Kissing How-Tos
In the Bedroom // 07.15.14 // 5 Comments
Kissing expert William Cane appears today on “bethenny” and gave us a few more kissing how-tos that can steam up your lip-lock routine, whether you’re going in for a first kiss with someone new or smooching someone you’ve known…
Play Bethenny's At-Home Girlfriends Games
Friendship // 07.11.14 // Add Comment
As Kellie Pickler learned during her time playing "Truth or Dare" on "bethenny," Bethenny loves playing games with her girlfriends.
Took It Off!: Famous Men Who've Been Chippendales Dancers
Hunks // 07.10.14 // Add Comment
Ian Ziering stopped by "bethenny" to talk about his gig with the Chippendales in Las Vegas. (Chippendales can be seen nightly at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. Follow them on Facebook/Twitter @Chippendales.)
Frankel-y Speaking: Vinny Guadagnino's Shocking Confession
Vinny from "Jersey Shore" manned-up in Bethenny's "Frankel-y Speaking" confession booth, admitting he is a huge Spice Girls fan. Check out what else he owned up to:
Play Along! Could You Match Your Mate?
Married Life // 07.4.14 // 1 Comments
As part of Bethenny's Game Show Hour, couples went head-to-head in a variety of relationship challenges. In the final battle, they tried to complete each other's puzzle sentences.
To Do and Not to Do: Tionna Smalls' Bed Etiquette!
In the Bedroom // 07.3.14 // 3 Comments
Tionna Smalls shares the "rules to the game of bed" with Bethenny, Adrienne and Joey!
Totally Awesome '80s Dudes!
Hunks // 07.2.14 // Add Comment
Check out these photos of our totally awesome '80s dudes, and tell your friends who you've got a crush on.