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Dina Eastwood's Top 10 Ways to Get Over a Guy... What Are Yours?
Dating // 08.27.14 // Add Comment
Dina Eastwood, soon to be superstar actor/director ex of Clint Eastwood, tweeted her surefire list of 10 ways to get over a guy.
Jo Piazza's No-Fail Breakup Bootcamp Rules
Dating // 08.27.14 // 5 Comments
Do you want to get over a breakup once and for all? Try Jo Piazza's 12 steps to start the new year with a clean slate.
Is Your Marriage Going to Last? Take This Quiz!
Married Life // 08.26.14 // 1 Comments
Are you worried about your marriage? Take the quiz our couples took on today's "bethenny."
Do You Play 'The Game' in Relationships?
Dating // 08.21.14 // Add Comment
We want to know what you think about playing "the game" in relationships. Is it natural? Unfair? Weigh-in here! 
Looks Like a Case for Nancy Grace: Which Roomie Is in the Wrong?
Friendship // 08.21.14 // Add Comment
When two audience members and roommates had nowhere else to turn, it was time for Nancy Grace's Relationship Court. Who will she rule for when one roomie is a freeloader and the other invites a forbidden ex over to hang out?
Who Cheats More, Men or Women?
Dating // 08.20.14 // Add Comment
You may be surprised to see what our expert, "Divorce Court" Judge Lynn Toler, has to say on this!
The Secret to a Successful Marriage
Married Life // 08.20.14 // Add Comment
"Divorce Court's" Judge Lynn Toler talks about her 25-year marriage and how she makes it work!
Relationship Cracks: What Isn't Fixable?
Dating // 08.13.14 // 1 Comments
Your guy doesn't pay for dinner, he's a bad kisser, or he has bad breath — what types of relationship cracks are repairable?
'Bediquette' Poll: Should He Stay or Go?
In the Bedroom // 08.7.14 // 1 Comments
Ladies, on today's show Bethenny went to her Men’s Panel, consisting of “RHONJ's” Richie Wakile, comedian Sherrod Small and performer Lance Bass, to get the nitty gritty on bedside manners.
Is It Okay to Be BFFs with Your Ex?
Dating // 08.6.14 // Add Comment
Bethenny's celebrity panel sounds-off on this age-old problem.