Hilarious Halloween Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
"Flipping Out's" Jenni Pulos ("Elmo") and comedian Dean Edwards ("Bill Cosby") join candy girl Bethenny in the Smilebooth!
A Gift from Candy Heaven: The Hunky (and Single) Candy Gods!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // 1 Comments
Bethenny's team of brawny Candy Gods revealed where they would take a girl on a first date, and let it slip that they're all (shockingly) single! Click here to indulge.
Bethenny's Costume Reveal!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // 7 Comments
Get a close-up look at Bethenny's Candy Girl Halloween costume!
3 Family-Friendly Fall Treats from David Venable!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
QVC's David Venable has all the best treats for Halloween, including some your kids will love!
Recipe for Your Ghouls: Veggie Mummy Dogs
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
This treat is fun to make and even more fun to eat.
Pictures! IT'SUGAR Creates a Candy Land for 'bethenny'
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // 2 Comments
The team at IT'SUGAR transformed the studio for Halloween! From an edible coffee table to Candy God costumes, this is one scene you don't want to miss!
Things Are Moving Fast: Speed Dating Dos and Don'ts!
Dating // 06.30.14 // Add Comment
It sometimes feels like finding the right guy to date can take forever. Cut to the chase with speed dating! If you're not sure how to handle the fast pace, Amber Soletti of OnSpeedDating.com offers these handy dos and don'ts for you to follow!
Dish It or Do It: Play at Home with Your Girlfriends!
Talk Bethenny // 06.30.14 // Add Comment
Download "Dish It or Do It" and play with your girlfriends tonight!
Make The General's Bourbon Miso Sea Bass!
Recipes // 06.30.14 // Add Comment
Make a special someone (or yourself) The General's special dinner tonight!
Bethenny's Birthday Photo Album!
Ask Bethenny // 06.30.14 // Add Comment
Bethenny celebrated her birthday with her viewers, spending it on the set of "bethenny" with a jam-packed show. She had one of her favorite comedians, Loni Love, Chef Hung Huynh of The General preparing Asian dishes (and a sushi cake!), plus much more.
Loni Love-fest in the Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 06.30.14 // Add Comment
Bethenny had one of her favorite people, comedian Loni Love, on her Birthday Bash show! The women had a blast in our Smilebooth after playing a game of Spin the Skinnygirl Bottle.
Chef Hung Shows You How to Cut an Onion
Recipes // 06.30.14 // 1 Comments
Chef Hung shows Bethenny how to cut an onion the right way, before preparing his Bourbon Miso Sea Bass. Watch both clips here! 
Would Rick Springfield Ever Retire 'Jessie's Girl'?
Would You Ever? // 06.30.14 // 1 Comments
We played "Would You Ever?" with Bethenny fave Rick Springfield backstage, and he rocked it!
Only in Maksim's Dreams: Find Out the Meaning of His Recurring Dream!
Talk Bethenny // 06.26.14 // Add Comment
Sexy Maksim Chmerkovskiy from "Dancing with the Stars" surprised a "bethenny" viewer who had been dreaming about kissing him. Once her recurring dream came true, we asked Maks to tell us his own recurring dream.
Bethenny Presents a $100K Check to Dress for Success!
Girlfriends unite! Since 2012, Skinnygirl Cocktails and Bethenny have been supporting Dress for Success. On today's episode, Bethenny has a huge surprise for them, thanks to Skinnygirl Cocktails!
Funjet Gives This Bethenny Girlfriend the Best 30th Birthday Present Ever!
Talk Bethenny // 06.26.14 // 2 Comments
Dominican Republic, here they come! Not everyone looks forward to turning 30, but Funjet made birthday girl Dayna and her BFFs very happy on "bethenny" with a surprise trip she never saw coming!
Bethenny's Men's Panel: How Often Do You Have Sex with Your Wife?
In the Bedroom // 06.26.14 // 1 Comments
The "bethenny" Men's Panel, Boris Kodjoe, Chuck Nice, and Gary Owen, didn't hold back when it came to revealing how many times they have sex with their wives in a week. Listen to what they said!