Give Your Bedroom a Sexy Makeover!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.1.14 // Add Comment
Make your bedroom a haven fit for a siren with these bedroom "va-voom" tips. 
Holiday Desserts: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting!
Recipes // 08.1.14 // 1 Comments
This delightful treat will surely charm all your holiday guests!
SWV on Friendship Fallouts: What's a Deal Breaker?
Friendship // 07.31.14 // Add Comment
Grammy-nominated female R&B group SWV is back and speaking the truth on when it's time to end a friendship, and when it's time to mend it. Is a girlfriend who's always late a deal breaker? Take a look…
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Girlfriend Catch-Up with Ramona!
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Learn about the designers behind Bethenny's #LOTD!
Which Housewife Is the Biggest Drama Queen? Ramona Answers
Girlfriend Games // 07.31.14 // Add Comment
Former castmates and friends Ramona Singer and Bethenny play "Spin the Apple," and answer some pretty juicy "Real Housewives" questions. It's getting real in here...
Regret That Tat? Meet 'The Beast'
Skincare // 07.31.14 // 2 Comments
Mom and teacher Stephanie came to Bethenny asking for help removing her "tramp stamp" she got at age 17. Lucky for her, Dr. Eric Seiger introduces what he calls "The Beast," the PicoSure laser, the most advanced technology in tattoo removal. Take a look!
Ramona's Issues at Home: How Is She Dealing?
Married Life // 07.31.14 // Add Comment
Ramona tells Bethenny how she's doing in the face of bad news on the marriage front.
Affordable Spa-at-Home Bath Products!
Home // 07.30.14 // 2 Comments
Spas are an amazing way to unwind, but not everyone can afford them on a regular basis. Bethenny to the rescue! Check out this list of affordable products that will go a long way toward transforming your personal bathroom into your own private spa!
Top 3 Things You're Doing That Turn Off Guys!
Dating // 07.30.14 // 12 Comments
The authors of "Not Your Mother's Rules," the sequel to that '90s phenomenon "The Rules," tell it like it is when asked what women are doing that might be turning off guys early on in the dating process!
Would Porsha Ever Go Back to Her Ex?
Would You Ever? // 07.30.14 // Add Comment
Porsha Williams of "RHOA" got real with Bethenny when asked if she would ever get back together with her ex, Kordell Stewart!
'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams on Why Her Marriage Ended
If you're a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fan, you've been following the crazy ups and downs of Porsha's marriage to Kordell Stewart, which ended in divorce.
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Zara and Banana Republic!
Look of the Day // 07.30.14 // 1 Comments
Learn about the designers behind this affordable look of the day!
Find Herbs and Essential Oils Online!
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Turn your bathroom into the spa of your dreams with essential oils and herbs that you can order online!
Make Your Own Bath Salts!
Skincare // 07.30.14 // 3 Comments
Make your own bath salts with sea salt to detoxify, cleanse your skin and de-stress from the day without breaking the bank!
How To: Make Your Own Eye Masks at Home
Skincare // 07.30.14 // 1 Comments
Make these for a girls night in!
Help! My Tween Is on Social Media!
Talk Bethenny // 07.29.14 // 2 Comments
Nationally renowned women's health expert and radio host Dr. Jennifer Wider feels your pain. When you have a tween who's begging to be on social media, the pressure to cave can be intense.
Dr. Wider's 5 Tips for Raising Great Girls
Parenting // 07.29.14 // 1 Comments
Dr. Jennifer Wider, a women's health expert and radio host, literally wrote the book on how to raise great girls: "Got Teens?: The Doctor Moms' Guide to Sexuality, Social Media and Other Adolescent Realities."