An Audience Member Surprise!
The audience member sitting in seat #158 is about to get an incredible surprise...
Test Your Beauty Smarts!
Skincare // 07.4.14 // Add Comment
Does tomato paste help lighten age spots? If you want to heal cracked cuticles, should you apply sour cream? Some of the best beauty fixes are found in your kitchen. Test your beauty smarts along with members of our audience!
Play Along! Could You Match Your Mate?
Married Life // 07.4.14 // 1 Comments
As part of Bethenny's Game Show Hour, couples went head-to-head in a variety of relationship challenges. In the final battle, they tried to complete each other's puzzle sentences.
Ultimate Game Show Hour: Food Frenzy!
The food relay race is on! Chop, prep and smash -- are you game?
Would Adrienne Bailon Ever Propose to a Guy?
Another celebrity has given in and taken our "Would You Ever?" challenge! Adrienne Bailon ("The Real") was proud that she answered every single question without hesitation.
Pajama Party Snacks: Yummy Spinach Artichoke Dip!
Entertaining // 07.3.14 // 5 Comments
No sleepover or “girls' night in” would be complete without yummy snacks. Bethenny has just the right Spinach Artichoke Dip for the occasion!
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Soma Embraceable Pajamas!
Look of the Day // 07.3.14 // 4 Comments
Everyone asks about Bethenny's looks from the show via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Click here to see her most recent outfit, and get inspired by today's look!
Adrienne Bailon and Joey Fatone's Post-PJ Party Smilebooth Session
Smilebooth // 07.3.14 // Add Comment
After Bethenny's so-fun PJ Party episode, her guests Adrienne ("The Real") and Joey ("My Family Recipe Rocks!") joined her in the Smilebooth.
How to Host the Perfect Adult Pajama Party!
Entertaining // 07.3.14 // Add Comment
Bethenny threw a pajama party for her girlfriends, now it's time for you to throw one! Here's what you need to do...
To Do and Not to Do: Tionna Smalls' Bed Etiquette!
In the Bedroom // 07.3.14 // 3 Comments
Tionna Smalls shares the "rules to the game of bed" with Bethenny, Adrienne and Joey!
Pajama Party Skinnygirl Cocktails!
Try one of these recipes for your next pajama party!
Show Photos! Bethenny's Pajama Party!
Entertaining // 07.3.14 // Add Comment
It was a huge pajama party on the set today, and we want you to see all the photos! Watch Bethenny, Adrienne Bailon, Joey Fatone and Tionna Smalls hang out, share some girl talk and enjoy some great party favors!
The Perfect Pajama Party Snacks: Recipe Roundup!
Entertaining // 07.3.14 // Add Comment
Brownies, dips, sliders, oh my! All the snacks (and options) you need to make your pajama party a success!
Tionna Smalls Has Big Fun in the Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 07.3.14 // Add Comment
Bethenny's guest, Tionna Smalls, picked her favorite shirtless "pizza delivery guy" from our Pajama Party show and did these fun poses in the Smilebooth.
Debbie Gibson Rocks: See Her Perform 'Electric Youth'! Plus, What's Your '80s Jam?
Music // 07.2.14 // 1 Comments
Eighties teen idol Debbie Gibson has so many big hits in her catalogue to perform, but what Totally Awesome '80s show would be complete without "Electric Youth"? 
Would You Ever?: Find Out Which Actor Debbie Gibson Recycle-Dated!
We played "Would You Ever?" with '80s teen queen Debbie Gibson. Guess which '80s soap actor she dated when they were teenagers… and again when they were in their thirties?
Red-Hot: Debbie Gibson's Shirtless '80s Hunks!
Smilebooth // 07.2.14 // 1 Comments
Teen queen Debbie Gibson can't resist posing with our shirtless '80s hotties in our Smilebooth after she singing her classic hit "Electric Youth" on the show!