Red-Hot: Debbie Gibson's Shirtless '80s Hunks!
Smilebooth // 07.2.14 // 1 Comments
Teen queen Debbie Gibson can't resist posing with our shirtless '80s hotties in our Smilebooth after she singing her classic hit "Electric Youth" on the show!
Find Out What Cynthia Thinks About Kenya Texting Phaedra's Man
Interviews // 07.2.14 // Add Comment
When Bethenny has Cynthia Bailey on the couch, you know she's going to ask her what she thinks about Kenya texting Phaedra's man!
Cynthia Bailey Strikes a Pose in the Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 07.2.14 // Add Comment
Supermodel Cynthia Bailey hangs out with Bethenny in the Smilebooth!
Only in Their Dreams: Debbie Gibson and Bethenny Pop Up in the Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 07.2.14 // Add Comment
Eighties teen queen Debbie Gibson joins Bethenny in the Smilebooth!
Totally Awesome '80s Dudes!
Hunks // 07.2.14 // Add Comment
Check out these photos of our totally awesome '80s dudes, and tell your friends who you've got a crush on.
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Like, Totally Rad
Look of the Day // 07.2.14 // 1 Comments
Find out where Bethenny's acid washed jeans and her Madonna sweatshirt came from!
Recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Guts
Parties // 07.1.14 // 1 Comments
Add some ghoulishly good-for-you protein to your candy-coated Halloween intake. Your guests will go batty if you serve up this delicious and easy recipe for roasted pumpkin guts.
Snack O'Lantern Recipe
Parties // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
This Halloween dessert is a sweet treat that's frightfully fruity and easy to make. Make this for your spooky bash!
Unbelievable Denzel and Tracy Morgan Impersonations!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
Comedian Dean Edwards does amazing impersonations of Denzel Washington and Tracy Morgan.
Jenni's Kid-Approved Halloween Rap
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
Have some fun this Halloween with Jenni Pulos' rap! 
Photos! A Sweet 'Bethenny in Your Business' Deal!
Bethenny's candy jewelry from today's show was made by the Wardrobe Department. Julia, the wardrobe assistant, makes jewelry, and Bethenny took some time to talk to her about her business. Click here to read her tips!
Photos! Skinnygirl Assorted Cocktails and More Audience Halloween Costumes
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
The "bethenny" audience rocked their Halloween best for the costume contest. Click here to see all the creative costumes!
Hilarious Halloween Smilebooth!
Smilebooth // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
"Flipping Out's" Jenni Pulos ("Elmo") and comedian Dean Edwards ("Bill Cosby") join candy girl Bethenny in the Smilebooth!
A Gift from Candy Heaven: The Hunky (and Single) Candy Gods!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // 1 Comments
Bethenny's team of brawny Candy Gods revealed where they would take a girl on a first date, and let it slip that they're all (shockingly) single! Click here to indulge.
Bethenny's Costume Reveal!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // 7 Comments
Get a close-up look at Bethenny's Candy Girl Halloween costume!
3 Family-Friendly Fall Treats from David Venable!
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
QVC's David Venable has all the best treats for Halloween, including some your kids will love!
Recipe for Your Ghouls: Veggie Mummy Dogs
Seasonal // 07.1.14 // Add Comment
This treat is fun to make and even more fun to eat.