Audience FAQ

Audience FAQ

How do I request tickets to "bethenny"?
You can request tickets through our ticket request page at, or you can email us at

How much do tickets cost?
Our tickets are absolutely free!

When do you tape?
Please visit our ticket calendar ( or email us for tape times and availability.

What is the closest subway?
The Columbus Circle/59th Street station. The A, B, C, D and 1 trains all stop at this station.

How many tickets am I allowed per reservation?
For individual reservations, you may request up to four (4) tickets. Group tickets are available for parties of eight (8) or more. Please contact us at for more information.

How old do I have to be to attend a taping of "bethenny"?
You must be at least 16 years old to attend a taping of "bethenny." Any guest between 16 and 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Guests under 16 will not be admitted.

When can I expect to receive my tickets?
Tickets are sent via email approximately 10-14 days prior to your requested tape date.

I received my tickets! How do I confirm my attendance?
When you receive your tickets, you must confirm your attendance by replying to Please remember to include your name and the date of the taping in your reply.

Are tickets transferable?
Tickets are not transferable, however, if you contact us in advance, we may be able to accommodate your guests.

What if I require special assistance or wheelchair accessibility?
Our studio is wheelchair accessible, and we will do our best to accommodate any special needs assistance you may require. Please contact us at least two weeks prior to your attendance to arrange any special assistance, and we will work with you to make your show experience the best one possible.

If I, or someone in my group, is unable to attend the taping, should I let you know?
It is important that you inform us as soon as possible if the number of people in your party changes; this can affect our studio audience numbers. If you or anyone in your party is unable to attend the taping, please email us at at your earliest convenience.

What do I need to bring when I come to the show?
You must bring your confirmed printed reservation letter that was emailed to you by our audience department, and everyone in your party must have a government issued photo ID. Audience members who arrive without proper ID will not be allowed into the studio.

What is the dress code?
Dress to impress! We encourage wearing trendy, bright, solid colors, and discourage wearing all white and or patterned clothing. Please do not wear clothing with large visible logos. Sunglasses and hats will not be permitted in the studio. You may also want to bring a sweater or jacket, as studio temperatures may vary.

Can I show my ticket reservation letter electronically?
Yes, we will accept tickets electronically (i.e., smartphone, tablet, etc.)

How long does a taping last?

"bethenny" episodes are one hour in duration. From arrival to exit, your experience will last approximately three hours. Audience members who attend must agree to stay for the entire duration of the taping, or entry will be denied.

Can I bring food or drink to the show?

You are welcome to bring a light snack or coffee to enjoy in line or after check-in, but food, drinks and gum are not permitted in the studio. You will be at the studio for an extended period of time, so be sure to have something to eat before you come. Food service and vending machines are not available at the show.

Can I get an autograph or picture with Bethenny?
We cannot accommodate requests for autographs, photos or meet-and-greets with the host or show guests due to our very full production schedule. We request that you do not ask for pictures or autographs during the taping.

Am I guaranteed admission to the show?

We do not guarantee admission. As with all talk shows, ticket distribution may be in excess of studio capacity ("overbooking"). Arriving on time with confirmed tickets provides the best chance of admission.

Why do you overbook?
Overbooking means that, for any given taping, we will accept a few additional reservations for seats beyond the studio's seating capacity. Talk shows normally overbook to fill seats left empty by audience members who don't show up to the taping. This ensures a full audience to fulfill the needs of the production. On rare occasions, we may encounter a situation where we do not have enough seats to accommodate all attendees. We emphasize that arriving on time and with a confirmed reservation is the best way to avoid being turned away in such a situation.

What happens if I am turned away due to overbooking?
In the unlikely event that you are turned away due to overbooking, we will offer you priority admission to a future taping of "bethenny." This offers you the chance to enter the studio before the general admission line after checking in. You are still
required to request tickets, confirm your attendance, and arrive on time.

How can I find out when the show I attended will air?
The broadcast schedule for "bethenny” can be found at the top of our homepage at

Please note:

Seating: Please keep in mind that some seats are reserved for production needs for additional guests who may be speaking on the show, guests of show guests or fans of the topic or celebrity.

Security and Baggage: Please downsize purses and baggage as much as possible in order to expedite the check-in process. We do not check-in luggage.

Audience Giveaways: On occasion, we give away items to our studio audience members! However, no such giveaways are guaranteed.