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Kathleen McDonald
5 Tips for Dating Past 50
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In 2002 my husband passed away leaving me with 2 boys aged 10 & 12. The marriage was not a good one, he was an alcoholic and abusive. When he was alive, he reminded me often that I was fat & ugly with 2 kids and nobody would ever want me. Well 18 mos after his passing, I would notice this great looking guy at the bank. I went to the local corner store to put gas in my car and there he was. He was the manager of the store. He pulled up to me when I was pumping gas & made small talk. I asked the clerk in the store about a week later if he was married. She told me he was going through a divorce. I figured, what the heck!! I left a note for him asking him out for coffee. We have been together since 2004 and he is wonderful to me. Guess what, I am not fat and ugly. I am now 56 y/o and confident and love my life and my man!! Thanks for letting me tell my story.