Why ‘Finding Your Truth’ Is A Crucial Step To Coming From A Place Of Yes

Once you break the chain, it’s time to Find Your Truth. Who are you, and what do you want?

It’s not an interrogation. It’s a call to introspection. How often have you looked back at certain decisions and actions, and wondered what you were thinking? Maybe you weren’t thinking. Or maybe you weren’t thinking hard enough. People say they know who they are, and they think they know what they want, but they go through life making random decisions without thinking about the potential impact.

Let’s talk about truth. If you want to come from a place of yes, to move forward in your life and become the best version of yourself, you have to seek truth. You have to ask yourself what’s genuine and true for you — not for your parents (break the chain), not for your friends, not for your siblings or your school or your society, but for you. It’s the question of a lifetime, and it can take a lifetime to really answer it, but you still have to keep asking.

You are on your own journey, and more than anything else, that journey must be about finding your truth. Not finding a husband, a boyfriend, a partner — but finding yourself. Shine the flashlight into those dark places you haven’t wanted to face before. Face up to your qualities — all of them. Look at your patterns. Analyze them. Only by looking back over your past relationships and deconstructing the noise that’s led you in the wrong direction will you discover your strengths, your desires, the things you really need from a partner, and the things you really can do for yourself.

You’ll find truth, and then you’ll be able to take your life to the next level.

This is an excerpt from Bethenny Frankel’s A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, available on