Bethenny Frankel's Poochie Purse

Who Wants a Cookie?

You get a Cookie! You get Cookie! Everybody gets a Cookie! Not that kind of Cookie… I recently teamed up with Poochie & Co., to design a poochie purse modeled after my furry little baby, and it looks so much like Cookie it’s uncanny. We all know @Cookiedabooboo‘s head is getting pretty big, just look at her Twitter feed and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Now, she has a book inspired by her Cookie Meets Peanut and a bag, what’s next a chew toy? That’s actually not a bad idea.

The book and the purse are available now at Barnes & Noble. Follow Poochie & Co., on Facebook for a chance to win your own Cookie purse and a copy of Cookie Meets Peanut signed by me.