Restaurant Bethenny Frankel

What To Order At A Restaurant

When I go to a restaurant, the first thing I do is read the menu and make a plan. I usually zero in on the appetizers and sides. I love ordering appetizers and sides because they allow me to taste a lot of great foods and balance my meal so I’m not getting too much of any one thing. Usually, I choose two appetizers or an appetizer and a side dish. One of the first plates is usually something like a salad or a bowl of soup, something with a lot of vegetables that will fill me up with high volume and not too much fat or too many calories.

The second appetizer or side is usually something a little more decadent, like a small plate of pasta, a crab cake, or an antipasto platter with a small selection of high-quality cheeses and meats. This is common sense. Don’t get really decadent appetizers, like fried calamari and french fries. Your body doesn’t want them, and you are striving for balance. Balance the fried calamari with the salad. Balance the fried crab cake with the vegetables. Listen to your food voice. Indulge with one small plate, and nourish your body with the other.

That leaves me room to try other things too – a few bites of a friend’s steak or dessert or a few sips of an after-dinner drink, or whatever I really want. I might also have my trademarked Skinnygirl Margarita for a small amount of intense flavor. After it’s all over, you can bet I’ll feel satisfied. I tried everything I wanted.

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