Resort Bethenny Frankel

What To Eat At A Resort

All-inclusive resorts seem like a great way to have a relaxing vacation, but they can also give you anxiety because you can eat all the food you want and drink all the drinks you want for “free.” It’s too easy to feel like you have to get your money’s worth by eating as much as you can at every meal, but this defeats the whole carefree, relaxed purpose of an all-inclusive because overeating can make you feel bloated and guilty. You want to feel good and energetic so you can enjoy yourself and do fun non-eating things like snorkeling, swimming, and lying on the beach without feeling like a beach whale. Just remember: You can have it all, just not all at once.

Even if your husband or partner has that get-my-money’s-worth-in-food-and-liquor mentality, you don’t have to get crazy. Don’t let the buffet suck you in. Instead, look over the menus and all the choices at the resort. Some have multiple restaurants or specials on certain nights, like lobster night or Caribbean night. Make a plan for your whole stay. Maybe the first night you’ll do the Italian night, the second night you’ll try the local fish, the third night you’ll do the Asian restaurant. One night, you’ll have that dessert everyone is talking about. Figure out which restaurants to go to or which foods on the menu to try each night, so you can look forward to every meal without panicking because you think you’re going to overdo it or miss something. Instead, you can calm down and think about how much you’re looking forward to lobster night, and how much you’re going to enjoy sushi the next night and steak the night after that.

You should never have to feel like you need to try it all right now. When each meal is a new adventure and you don’t blow your wad in any one place, then you’ll never have to backpedal and try to make up for anything. Portion it out, then have fun!

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