first date Bethenny Frankel

Just The Tip: What To Wear On a First Date

A lot of people ask me what they should wear on a first date. My advice is to think sexy but not slutty.  First, you need to be comfortable. If you are pulling at your clothes or sitting weird all night because your skirt is riding up or your self-conscious that your dress is hugging you in all the wrong places, you won’t have fun and you will seem uptight.

Second, pick your spot. Choose one thing to reveal, the pull back on the rest. Choose something low-cut (but not too low-cut) so you reveal a little cleavage or side boob. There should be no danger of a nip slip. Or choose a lot of leg via a short skirt or cute shorts with heels, butif you do that, keep your cleavage to yourself. The other option is to show bare shoulders, but if you do that, be more conservative with the leg and neckline. The trick is to offer a hint, not a big reveal. Leave the rest up to the imagination.

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