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5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day needs to be a depressing occasion. Besides, who says Valentine’s Day is only for couples? Instead of sitting around being emotional and bitter about your relationship status, enjoy the day by taking care of yourself and doing things that make you feel good.

Here are some ways you can can still enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single woman:

Personal Date Night

Just because you don’t have a romantic date for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t shower yourself with love that night. Buy yourself a bottle of wine, grab a box of chocolates, and turn on your favorite movie. You can even order takeout if you want. Let this be your time to indulge.

Girls’ Night

Get all your single girlfriends together for a girls’ night. You can make plans to hit the town for dinner and drinks or you can host a party for a fun girls’ night in. Whatever you decide, spending quality time with your girlfriends will be good for your soul and will overshadow whatever else is going on for Valentine’s Day.

Spa Day

Treating yourself to a spa day is the ultimate way to clear your mind and recharge. After a day of getting pampered, you’ll leave the spa feeling like a brand new person.


Take a solo vacation or go on a day trip. Get lost in a new environment and enjoy your own company. It’s a great way to get in touch in your inner voice and fall in love with yourself.

Digital Detox

Maybe Valentine’s Day is just another day for you. All you want is to go on about your day and do what matters to you, without the constant reminder to celebrate love and relationships. This is the perfect opportunity to unplug for a day. Focus on being present and connecting with the people around you.

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