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It’s Time to Stop Binge-Spending

Excessive spending, whether insane shopping sprees or bouts of Internet shopping where you can’t stop ordering things, is actually very similar to a food binge. You spend like crazy and you feel high. You think you have to have these things you never even knew existed hours before, like they’re the last things you’re ever going to be able to buy. It’s like an alcoholic going into a bar. Then you come down and you feel guilty. You’ve got major buyer’s remorse, which is like a binge-spending hangover. Now you’re broker than ever, or you’ve maxed out your credit card. I guarantee that the new pair of shoes or dress or necklace or overpriced designer handbag won’t look so great tomorrow once the rush of acquiring it is over and the remorse kicks in. Now you’re wondering if you even like the stuff that much, and you’ve overdrawn your bank account.

The truth is that almost everything you think you want right now will still be there tomorrow and will go on sale eventually. You can wait. Not binge-spending is just as important as not binge-eating. It’s time to tell yourself you are through with that. And if you do find yourself gravitating toward the mall or the strip or the internet with your credit card at the ready, at least limit yourself to stores with simple, free returns so you can get the money credited back to your card when you realize you didn’t want to buy that thing after all.

When the urge to spend hits, I have a better idea than shopping. Reorganize your closet. If you’ve already done that, then go put new outfits together. Put a pair of shoes you’ve had for years with an interesting bag you never use and a pair of earrings you forgot you had. Make a list of the new outfit ideas you get. This can get the urge for something new out of your system without costing a dime.

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