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Monday Motivation: How to Stay Inspired This Year

I don’t know about you, but getting back to reality after the holidays isn’t always easy. After enjoying downtime with family and friends, eating more indulgent foods, and catching up on your favorite TV shows, it’s hard to shake off “vacation mode.” Here are a few ideas to help you get – and stay – motivated and crush it in 2017.

Use Reminders

I don’t know about you, but if something isn’t in my calendar, it’s probably not getting done. Whether you’re trying to accomplish a specific goal or something more ongoing (like exercising more regularly or eating healthier), help yourself out by setting reminders. This might mean leaving post-it notes around your house, setting alerts on your phone, or putting milestones in your calendar. Whatever works for you.

Phone a Friend

Sometimes it’s easier to keep promises to other people than promises to yourself. Make yourself accountable by telling a friend your goals. You can even work together to stick to them. You might also want to find a mentor or role model to work with and take your goals to the next level.

Be Realistic

Goals are great, but if you can’t realistically accomplish them, you’ll only burn yourself out. Set your sights on something that’s a stretch but not an overreach. You can break it down into smaller pieces and get your shiz done.

Do you have any other tips that help you stay inspired?

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