Skinnygirl Solutions: Sleep Better

Sleep is a constant challenge for me. I lie awake unable to get my brain off the espresso and relax. However, I know how crucial sleep is, so I have learned some strategies that really do work to help me get to sleep. If they can help me, they can help anyone.go-to-sleep

Get comfortable. For me, getting into some cozy pjs is the first step to a great night’s sleep. Lately I’ve been passing out in my “Go To Sleep” oversized tees. They’re beyond comfy and even come with a free sleep mask when you order them online. Sleep masks block out light and increase melatonin levels to promote healthy sleep.

Calm down. It’s really true that if you go straight from one hundred miles an hour to trying to lie down and sleep, you’re still going to be wired. Relax gradually. Take a bath. Dim the lights. Turn off all electronics, including the television. Read a book or write in your journal, or just meditate and calm your mind.

Get herbed.
Chamomile, mint, or other herbal teas can help calm you down, especially if you get in the regular habit of having a hot cup of tea before bed. Lavender sheet spray can also help you feel more relaxed and trigger your brain to think about sleep.

Give yourself a break. If you really can’t sleep, don’t torture yourself. Get up and do something. Read something. Or just rest. Resting is almost as good as sleeping, but tossing and turning and beating yourself up because you’re not sleeping will just make the next day a thousand times worse.

This is an excerpt from “Skinnygirl Solutions” by Bethenny Frankel, available on