Skinnygirl Solutions: Don’t Spend on Trends

Here’s how it works: when the fancy stores come out with something, all the suckers run out instantly and buy it. Three months later, the same trendy pieces are knocked off in all the inexpensive stores and you can get it for much less.

I saw this happen with colored jeans. First they were on the runway. Now they’re at Old Navy. This also happened with studded shoes. Don’t be impulsive. Just wait three months. You don’t want to pay a lot for trendy pieces because you won’t wear them for long. Next year, they’ll be out.

If you aren’t totally sure whether something is a trend, here’s a hint: if it’s studded, bell-bottomed, acid washed, blinged-out, or tie-dyed; if it looks like a wild animal; or if it’s neon or a very bright color and heavily patterned, it’s a trend. If it smells like a trend, it’s a trend.

I love trendy clothes and I buy them, but I don’t spend much on them. Fun, colorful jewelry and scarves, patterned pumps, brightly colored dresses — I love that stuff, but I’m going to buy those things at other inexpensive stores. Go to sample sales. Shop online at deep discounts.

If you know it’s a trend, then spend accordingly. It will go on sale.

This is an excerpt from “Skinnygirl Solutions” by Bethenny Frankel, available on