simple party presentation ideas bethenny frankel

Simple Party Presentation Ideas

Presentation is everything. Just a few simple steps can elevate any event — and it doesn’t have to be time or cost-intensive. Whether you’re planning a formal dinner party, casual get together, or outdoor barbecue, here are some inexpensive presentation ideas to make your event extraordinary:

– For a big dinner party, use a kid’s chalkboard and write the menu on it, so guests feel like they are at a restaurant. Or buy cheap frames and print the menu on your computer. You can also put out these frames at the bar, naming the signature cocktails and explaining what is in them. Little details like this make a big impact.
– Even for a sit-down dinner, everything doesn’t have to be white-glove fancy. Mix your nice crystal glasses with fun colorful plates or serving platters.
– Never serve chips or dips in the bags or jars. It costs nothing to put them into nice bowls you already have.
– Keep your food looking good. Always be busing, wiping up, and replenishing. To me, nothing is worse than dirty glasses and plates sitting around. I’ve been to very fancy parties and seen bowls with guacamole and ranch dressing dripping over the sides and a bunch of crappy crumbled chip pieces in them: Don’t let your food table get ratty and disgusting. A clean, attractive spread of inexpensive food is much more inviting than a messy, gross presentation of expensive food.
– Consider how your food will look after an hour and choose foods that won’t get disgusting. Dip in a bowl gets disgusting. It’s very 1982. Baked brie looks great for five seconds, but then it sits out and gets gelatinous and sloppy.
– If you live in or near the country, collect wildflowers or natural greenery instead of buying flowers, for a rustic feel. Sunflowers are a great choice. Big bowls of lemons and limes also add rustic ambience, especially to an outdoor party.
– You can find super-inexpensive party decor and supplies at dollar stores.

This is an excerpt from Skinnygirl Solutions by Bethenny Frankel, available at