Car Bethenny Frankel

How To Keep Your Car Clean And Organized

Your car is a reflection of your home, and a filthy car is a big turnoff. You probably spend a lot of time in the car. Make it a nice time.

– Every time you get out of the car, declutter. Take your stuff with you. Don’t let your stuff hang out in your car. Also, don’t cram things into your glove box until it barely opens – it should contain your manual, registration, and possibly your service records. Nothing else. Not even gloves.

– Keep the car clean. Get it washed and clean out the inside two to four times a month. This is not too often! Your car seats are no place to hide Cheerios and they shouldn’t be decorated in dog hair. Clean out the cup holders that get gross and sticky. Look in the seat-back pockets and get all the wrappers. Clean out the trunk.

– Invest in a DustBuster just for the car. If you can afford it, get it detailed once a year so it gets a new-car clean.

Although you shouldn’t keep much in your car, there are some things that do belong in there:

– A bag for trash. This will keep coffee cups and food wraps from ending up on the floor. Empty it often. A shopping bag is fine for this purpose.

– Tissues and baby wipes. You never know when you’re going to need these.

– A portable vacuum. Tackle spills, crumbs, dirt, and dead leaves ASAP.

– If you have kids, keep a Ziploc bag filled with car toys and crayons. At the end of each trip, everything goes back in the bag, and the bag goes in the back in the pocket behind the front seat.

– A snack bag or box can keep kids (or you) from getting grouchy.

– Lotion if your hands are dry.

– Hand sanitizer and wipes to clean off the console as well as dirty hands.

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