On the Go Activities For Kids

There is nothing worse than being in a busy restaurant (or really anywhere for that matter) and seeing a parent struggle to keep a child entertained and well behaved. Every parent has his or her own tricks, so I figured I’d share some of mine:

Coloring books and crayons

Although this is an obvious go-to, and most restaurants give this to children as they sit, but I like to keep one or two small coloring books and few favorite colored crayons in my purse at all times- you never know when it’ll come in handy!


I keep a flat Lego surface in the trunk of my car, with a zip lock bag of small Legos, for emergencies. This is a great activity, and it’s so easy to keep something this small in the trunk for when your child needs something hands on to do!

Temporary Tattoos

This may not keep a child entertained for an extended period of time, but it certainly is something exciting and different you can easily keep in your wallet and pull out when kids are getting restless. Just make sure it’s a temporary tattoo that YOU would enjoy wearing, too, in case your little one wants to “tat” you up, as well!


Again- super easy to keep a few in your wallet! Just make sure they are not being stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be!

Rainbow Scratch Pads

These are so fun and different! Use a wooden pencil to scratch through the top layer of the paper to reveal a fun, rainbow pattern underneath! Children will become obsessed.