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Naturally Thin: Don’t Forget to Participate in Your Life

One of the many reasons I object to dieting is that it keeps you from participating in your life. You always worry that the restaurant your friends want to go to won’t have anything you can order, or that your host at a dinner party will serve fattening food and you might have to turn down something and risk being rude. You worry about vacations and dates. You even worry about how to cook something at home so it will fit into your diet.

I don’t want you to worry. I want you to participate in life. Why should you have to be sidelined, just because you are trying to lose a few pounds? It’s ridiculous. Live! Go out with your friends, go on dates, go on a vacation, and enjoy yourself. Food is only a small part of those experiences anyway, so focus on the other wonderful aspects of living and socializing, like talking with your friends, getting to know new people, and exploring interesting new places.

Participating is also good for you because it helps build your confidence and self-esteem. Of course you are going to go to that party. Of course you are going on that date. Of course you will participate in the girls’ night out. When you participate, you stop feeling as if something is wrong with you. Follow along with the ten rules as you go, and you’ll feel even better as you get naturally thinner.

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