naturally thin Bethenny Frankel

Want To Be Naturally Thin? Get Picky

If you are really committed to being naturally thin, you need to become more discerning about what you decide is worth putting into your mouth. Care about how your food tastes. Care about what you are putting into your body, and how it will affect you later. The simple fact is that in most cases, fresh, real, organic food tastes better.

When you choose to eat more real food, you’ll refine your palate, learning to appreciate what tastes good and what tastes fake. You’ll also begin to to notice how food affects you. Maybe you can’t get your rings off before your go to bed because your fingers are swollen, or you wake up the next morning and your ankles look like an elephant’s ankles. These are signs that your body is sending you that whatever you ate did not sit well with you. And chances are that this food was processed, full of salt and chemicals. You won’t feel swollen after eating real food.

But I also know that if you are in the habit of eating mostly processed foods, it’s hard to stop. That stuff is addictive: it’s a vicious cycle. It’s so easy that you hardly have to worry about dinner. If you usually take five minutes to make your dinner and five minutes to eat it, I know perfectly well that you aren’t going to transform yourself overnight into a gourmet cook who spends hours each day shopping at the market and slow-cooking a healthy meal.

If you’ve been living on processed food, it may take you a while to appreciate the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic chicken, free-range eggs, and whole grains. But believe me, they will win you over if you give them a chance. You’ll feel so much better that you won’t ever want to go back to junk food.

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