minimizing your party clean up bethenny frankel

Minimizing Your Party Clean-Up

So the party’s over and you’re stuck with the most unattractive job ever: the clean-up. My back hurts just thinking about it. There’s nothing worse than cleaning up after a party you hosted. But, no need to worry. There are a lot of different ways to minimize the work.

Here are a few of my go-to tips that will help prevent any additional stress and keep your holiday spirit high:

1. Clean Up as You Go

Doing this will save your life. I have a natural tendency to pick things up between refilling my glass and stepping in for a duet to a Barbra Streisand cover. Presentation is everything, and no one wants to walk around and see mess everywhere.

2. Minimize Your Dish Load

When serving dinner and cocktails, don’t extra work for yourself. Use as few dishes as possible. Cocktail markers will help people keep in track of their own glass (and also help in case you’ve had one too many). Less waste and less work.

3. Recycle Your Party Decor

I’m all about using what you have, and that includes reusing decor for the next year. If it’s not completely ruined by the party festivities, purchase a couple of mid-size plastic bins and separate them by holiday or even by color. This way, you can easily go back and find just what you need without a hassle. It also makes cleanup a no-brainer.