balanced Bethenny Frankel

Be Naturally Thin By Making Balanced Food Choices

I often hear people say, “I’m eating a light lunch because I’m going out to a big dinner.” This is absurd. You might feel that this is “balancing,” but too often the logic backfires. You don’t eat enough at lunch, so you are starving and then you eat way too much in one sitting at dinner. If you know what you will be having for dinner, then you can make choices at lunch that will balance those dinner foods. Plan and manage your investments. You are an adult. You don’t have to skip lunch. Eat lunch, in order to go to dinner without going off the rails. If you know you will be going to one of those restaurants with huge portions that feeds you like an animal, remember that you are not an animal and do not have to eat everything they put in front of you.

Starving yourself before a big event isn’t living in the moment or listening to your food voice. Don’t live by the clock. Instead, know your body. If you eat by the clock or by some idea you have of what’s always happening in the future, that’s not listening to your food voice. It sets you up for a binge. Living in the moment and making sensible, balanced choices whenever you feel that you need to eat will create a string of good investments and eating experiences leading to an overall healthy lifestyle and natural thinness.

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