Make Everything Your Business for Success in 2016

If you want to come from a place of yes and find success this year, my best advice is to Make Everything Your Business.

I love to talk about business and write about business and be in business. When I went into business, my passion was truly ignited. This was the life for me, the role I was born to play. Filming, traveling, doing appearances, cooking, yoga, all of that is fun — but the bottom line is that I’m a businesswoman, and I live by rule #4: Everything’s your business.

But everything’s your business doesn’t have to be about business literally. This rule is about anything you are trying to accomplish in your life. Once you begin to act and your life begins to change, you need to become more discerning about what you actually do, and you need to do whatever you choose to do to the absolute best of your ability. You see a path, you see options and opportunities, and you can begin to refine. That’s when you employ rule #4.

Everything’s your business doesn’t mean you are a busybody, and it doesn’t mean your life becomes all about work. When I say everything’s your business, I mean treat everything you choose to do with as much importance as if your career depended on it. Everything’s your business means that every job, person, and experience is worth your full attention. Whether you are at work or cooking dinner or cleaning your apartment or reading a book to your child, make what you do matter, and do it well. You never know who you are talking to, who is standing behind you in line or next to you in the elevator, who might notice the quality of your work, your attention to detail, your “I’m on it” attitude. You never know when a connection might matter, when an experience might prove relevant, or when a seemingly random event might lead to something significant. It could be about your work, but it applies to any part of your life.

Making everything your business and being the best at everything you do will take you far, professionally and personally. Get this rule into your head and start living it, and you’ll be surprised to see that the next rule will happen almost by itself.

This is an excerpt from Bethenny Frankel’s A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, available on