I Suck At Relationships – Your Questions Answered! (Part II)

Hey guys – welcome back! The last week of the I Suck At Relationships book tour has been insane! I’ve been to so many amazing cities and have had the chance to meet some incredible people. I have loved hearing your relationship stories and am so happy we can take this journey together.

Big thanks to Elynne G. and Ellen R. for submitting such great questions. Next week, I’ll have another video with answers to your relationship questions and I will be announcing information on my live Facebook Q&A that will be happening later this month.

Elynne G. asked:
“How do you avoid the glamour of other peoples relationships that are displayed all over Facebook and stop comparing your own to theirs?”

It is just like going through a breakup… you just have to walk away from it. Plus, you really shouldn’t be looking on someone’s social media profiles if you know that it will upset you. The best thing you can do is just go cold turkey.

Ellen R. asked:
“How can I communicate better without lashing out??? Thanks! I adore you!”

I think that it is never about what it is about. At times we get into fights and don’t even know what they we are fighting over. Usually fights stem from something bigger that has been building up. it is important to get the core of what things are about first so that you can rationally talk to each other about what is really bothering you.

I answer these questions more in detail in I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, go download the audiobook at Personally, I love the audiobook version because I can listen to it anywhere! It’s perfect for the girl (or guy) on the go!

It Gets Better
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