Trip Bethenny Frankel

How To Unwind After A Trip

The first day back from a trip, it’s very important to eat something healthy. You’ve probably been eating crap on the plane and overdoing it for your whole trip, so it’s time to repair. Don’t binge or go out to eat. Instead, have some soup, tuna on crackers, or a salad. Reel it in. Eat the minimum and doing give in to the “I’ll start tomorrow” mentality. Don’t go off the rails.

Then unpack and get organized, rather than heading straight back to work. Do you want to come home Monday night to a full suitcase? I always unpack right when I get home, unless I’m absolutely dead. Get your family together and have everyone unpack their own bags and make laundry piles. This is recovery time. You’re not having sex tonight. If you can’t really face it, go to bed early, then get a grip on your laundry first thing.

Finally, be prepared for a little bit of a letdown. This doesn’t happen to everybody, but even if you couldn’t wait to get home, you might feel a little depressed. You’re no longer at the beach or in the mountains or in the big city, and all you can think about is wanting to go back. Your everyday routine may seem extra dull when all you’re left with is a suitcase full of laundry and fading tan lines.

If it’s at all possible, get home on a Friday or Saturday so you have the weekend to decompress and recover. Be with your family, reminisce about the trip, organize your photos. If you can ease back into your normal life, you might feel more appreciative of being back home. A screensaver of your trip picture on your computer monitor will bring it all back to you.

And you know what they say: “Tis better to have traveled and come home than to never to have traveled at all.”

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