How To Save Your Easter Eggs

Blow (no, not me) these Easter eggs! They’ll last longer and you can get WAY more creative with decorating. Here's how to do it, step-by-step:

Posted by Bethenny Frankel on Friday, April 3, 2015

How To Save Your Easter Eggs

If you’re still just dunking your eggs in dye, you’ve got to step your game up! This Easter, I decided to use a different technique where I blow out the egg yolks so that our creations last longer. It’s really easy and once you get all of the yolk out, you can get way more creative with your eggs!

Things You’ll Need:

– Regular, raw eggs (preferably at room temperatures)
– Needle or small pin
– Nail
– Small straw (like a coffee stirrer) – optional
– Bowl for egg whites/yolks


1. Begin by poking two holes into your egg. Begin with the smaller end of the egg first then pierce the other end (top and bottom).

2. Next, make the holes slightly bigger so you can get the egg contents out. Do this by using your pin or a nail to gently chip away at the sides of each hole. Make the end hole slightly larger (about twice the size of the first hole), as this is where the egg contents will come out.

3. Use your pin to reach through the larger hole and break up the yolk by pushing your pin in and out repeatedly.

4. If you plan on saving your egg yolks, prepare a clean bowl to put them in.

5. Now, BLOW into the smaller hole in the egg. If you don’t want to put your mouth directly on the egg, you can use a small straw.

6. Once all of the yolk is out, rinse the egg gently using warm water.

7. Let the shells air dry or put them in the microwave on high for 15-30 seconds to help make them stronger.

8. Once dry, it’s time to decorate and put them on display!