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How To Organize Your Closet

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but fall is also a great time to go that extra step–especially where your closet is concerned. Once you get rid of anything that doesn’t fit and find out what you still need for the colder months, you can make sure everything is organized.

Here are some fab tips on how to organize your closet from my book Skinnygirl Solutions:

Use multiple levels. If you have just one rod, add another one below it. If this is all you do, you’ve doubled your hanging space.

Use your space better. Think about how much you use your closet–do you have more hanging things or folding/stacking things? What do you use the most? A trip to the Container Store can help you make use of every inch if you add shelves, shoe racks, scarf racks, hooks for jewelry, and sweater shelves. Better yet, hire a closet designer to come and assess your particular closet and how you use it to help you maximize the space you have.

Stow bulky items. Big sweaters take up a lot of room and might fit somewhere else. Can you keep them in plastic boxes in the hall closet or under your bed, or up high in the closet, at least in the off-season? Put coats by the front door, not in your closet.

Fold your lingerie. Don’t just stuff it in a drawer. Fold panties in thirds and then in half like t-shirts, and stagger bras, cups inside cups.

Divide your drawers. If you have the space, reserve a drawer for panties and bras, another for socks and tights, and another for lingerie. Drawer dividers or specialty inserts can also help separate these things.

Thanks to closet designer/miracle worker Andrea Gary for these tips. Happy organizing xo

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