late Bethenny Frankel

How Not To Be Late

You can’t always control your environment. Things like traffic or the behavior  of other people can sometimes make you late for an appointment, party, or meeting. However, being chronically late is a huge imposition on other people. It’s basically telling others your time is more valuable than theirs. It’s rude and a bad habit, but you can stop. Drastically reduce your tendency to be late with one easy trick: backing it out.

Backing it out means taking the time you are supposed to be somewhere and then working backward in your minds, figuring out how much time each thing leading up to that event will take. For example, if you have to be at a meeting at three, think about how long it will take you to drive there. Forty-five minutes? Now you’re at two fifteen. How long will it take you to get ready? Thirty minutes? Now you’re at one forty-five. How long will it take you to get home so you can start getting ready? Twenty minutes? Now you’re at one twenty-five. How long do you know you’ll putter around putting away your purse and saying hi to your kids or your pets and maybe having a snack before the meeting? Twenty-five minute? Now you’re at one o’clock. What time is it right now? Twelve-thirty? Then you know you need to head home in exactly thirty minutes. Problem solved.

If you are a mom, pad it with an extra fifteen to twenty minutes to account for your children pulling on your leg. I’m now often a little late. It just happens.

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