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How to Get Somebody Back

What if it ends, either because of you or not because of you, and you realize it was a mistake? What if you are on the verge of relationship implosion, and you want to save it? There are ways to do this. They won’t always work, and some of them are risky, but they can be very effective.

If you have nothing to lose, and you are sure you want the relationship, give these a try:

– Change it up. Get happy. Be your own person again. Get confident and don’t be needy. Start living your life again. It’s the best way to make yourself attractive (and also be happy), and actions speak louder than words.

– Stop yelling, nagging, whining, and complaining. Pull back, observe, and see what happens. If he’s been tuning you out, he’ll soon realize there is nothing to tune out anymore, and he might turn around and come back for you.

– Fire up the burners again (see The Burner Method).

– Say something. This is very important. Too many relationships end because nobody ever admitted they wanted to stay together. The worst thing in the world is to lie awake at night blaming yourself because you never spoke up and said, “I love you and I still want you.”

– But don’t say everything you are thinking. Most men can’t handle that.

This is an excerpt from I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To: 10 Rules for Not Screwing Up Your Happily Ever After, available at