Craft Time: Petal Pressing

I love doing kids activities that are a little out of the box, yet memorable- and of course, activities that produce the least amount of mess and clean up! Something I started doing last summer is petal pressing.

Simple outdoor activities like running around outside during the day, or stopping by a farmers market, become extra special when your child can pick out a few of their favorite flowers. Once you get home, either cut the entire top of the flower off, or pull individual petals, and lay them inside of a heavy book.

bethenny book shelf

Here’s a tip- put index cards or paper on either page where you decide to press the flower- this ensures the pages do not get ruined with color from the petals or pollen.

bethenny book flower press

This has also become a great way to begin to read chapter books. We went to the local library, purchased a few used, classic books that were $5, and we use those “new” chapter books to press the flowers. The first book used/read was Alice in Wonderland. Every night, we would open the book, read a chapter, and put the pressed petal back in to hold our space for the following night.

Not only is this a fun, creative, simple craft to enjoy, it even incorporates advanced reading! What could be better?!

flower press craft