Bethenny’s Naturally Thin Daily Meal Plan

Here’s the truth: millions of Americans have become enslaved by dieting. We torture ourselves constantly, just because we at a cookie (or five cookies) or didn’t go to the gym. Being naturally thin isn’t some state of being beyond anyone’s grasp. You are naturally thin. You just have to make a few simple changes to let your natural thinness emerge.

In my book Naturally Thin, I address these changes with 10 simple rules, none of which revolve around dieting. You can enjoy satisfying meals, snacks, and drinks without the guilt.

Here is a summarized version of the Daily Naturally Thin Program Account Balancing Guidelines. You don’t have to eat everything on this list every day. Your life won’t always work out that way. This is simply a guideline to help you with balancing your account.

Every day, balance your account by including approximately:

– 1 carb-based meal
– 1 protein-based meal
– 1 carb or protein based meal (or a meal with a balance of each)
– 1 sweet snack (under 225 calories)
– 1 savory snack (under 225 calories)

Also aim for:

– 1 or 2 fruits (if having two fruits, one should be a snack)
– Unlimited vegetables
– A total of two sweets throughout the day, including your sweet snack (which could be fruit), and alcohol you drink, or any desserts you decide to have
– Two exceptions – two or three bites or sips of something really decadent (like a really rich dessert or fried food)

Remember that every day is different and what you eat won’t always fall in line with these guidelines. They are guidelines, not rules, and not a diet. It is just an example of how to build structure and balance your food choices like a bank account.

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