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7 Beauty Quick Fixes!

We all have those days when we just don’t look or feel our best. Don’t despair, beauty and lifestyle expert Tai Beauchamp is here, to share some quick beauty fixes.

1. A Fresh Canvas
The Beauty Blender is a product Tai uses, especially with foundation and concealer, to help absorb the excess makeup and create a smooth foundation for the rest of your makeup.

2. Concealer is Your Best Friend
Tai says concealer should be one to one and a half shades lighter than your foundation. To get a “well-rested look,” Tai recommends applying the concealer in a triangular shape from your lower lash line. Think of the base of the triangle as your lower lash line and then the tip is just the top of your cheeks, where your eye socket ends (which you can feel by drawing a small triangle on your face). By applying concealer to this entire area, Tai says you’ll be able to play with the shadows on your face to look more awake. This works especially well for people with deeper-set eyes or who have dark circles under their eyes.

3. The Eyes Have It
Most people can use this on the upper lashes to help them look awake, but Tai says if you have smaller eyes, you can also achieve the same look. If you do have smaller eyes, apply the mascara to the upper lash line and use a soft shimmer along the lower lash line, especially in the corner, she says. This will brighten your eyes and make them look more open (even if you’re running on little to no sleep!).

4. All About the Eyeliner
A regular kohl eyeliner pencil can be turned into a gel liner. For more precision and a more intense color, hold the pencil liner over a flame for a second, let it dry and cool, then use it on your eyes.

5. Powered Fix
Broken eye shadow, blush or bronzer? Don’t throw it away you can fix it! Break it up a little more, take four drops of rubbing alcohol and add it to the powder, and then push it together.
Take a quarter, wrap it in a tissue, pat the powder back down and let it dry for a few hours. You’ll have your powder back.

6. Going for the Bronze
Tai recommends tinted moisturizers, especially if you make your own. She says you can take your darker foundation, mix a dime-sized amount with your daily moisturizer to customize the color for your skin tone. This deepens your complexion and adds a bronzer effect. Bronzers are great as well, but Tai says a lot of women overuse them. “You don’t want to look like someone sprinkled dust on you.”

7. All About Highlighting
It is about highlighting your features, which is why, especially when you’re first experimenting with bronzer, it’s great to use the “customizable” tinted moisturizer. Ultimately, makeup should be used to highlight and enhance your favorite features, so think about that when you start with your fresh canvas each morning!

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