closet Bethenny Frankel

5 Things to Purge From Your Closet

A cluttered, crowded closet will stress you out every time you get dressed. Instead of having a ton of things you don’t like or won’t wear, it’s important to constantly edit your closet so that you only keep the things you love. Ironically, having less means having more, because when you only have good-quality pieces that you know how to put together, you will always have something to wear.

If going through your closet feels overwhelming, it’s time to clean it out. To get you started, here are five things to get rid of right now:

Uncomfortable heels. Those shoes may be beautiful, but if they are a pain to walk in, you will never truly enjoy them. If you have shoes that just can’t seem to get broken in, get rid of them and make room for another pair that you will love.

Jeans you don’t wear. Jeans are hard to get right because they need to fit you in all the right places. Chances are you have a stack of jeans, but constantly resort to only one or two pairs that fit you just right. If so, what’s the point of keeping the others around?

Clothes that don’t fit. If it’s too big, get rid of it. If it’s too small, get rid of it. Don’t save your fat clothes or your skinny clothes for “someday.” Fill your closet with clothes you love to wear, that are flattering and fit you right now.

Stained or damaged clothing. Sometimes you accidentally damage your favorite pieces beyond repair. As much as you love them, you have to accept that they are ruined and are just taking up space.

Anything you haven’t worn in a year. If you haven’t worn any piece of clothing from your closet in the last year, it means there is something about it that just doesn’t work for you. It’s time to donate or give these pieces away.