4 Qualities When You're Looking For A Role Model

4 Qualities That Matter When Looking For A Role Model

What determines whether someone is a good role model? You know, that person you are naturally drawn to when you need a boost of motivation, or to remind you to trust your gut. I’m not saying that I am the perfect example of one, but I am real and know how to recognize the difference between that and an imposter pretending to keep it real.

Without a doubt, role models serve an important role in your life, so here are four qualities you should look out for when choosing yours:

1. Passion

The one who never stops moving, evolving, and getting things done with their eye on the prize. However, be aware of those who take considerable risks to achieve their dreams without fully assessing the potential payoff – both positive and negative. These are the moments to see just what they’re made of and should spark the passion inside you to keep going for yours.

2. Patience

Everybody says “patience is key,” right? Have you ever been behind someone in a Starbucks line who is on the verge of losing their cool? I mean, come on. If something as small as a coffee run will get someone that fired up, tell them to invest in some Skinnygirl pods. Having a role model with patience will show you whether that person has what it takes to make things happen.

3. Integrity

When you make a commitment to your journey, having a great sense of integrity is key to the relationships you nurture and grow. I live my life honestly (even if it hurts), and sometimes it may rub people the wrong way. Life’s a gamble, so look for those who play it to win with the best hand – and the best allies.

4. Confidence

Life is all about choosing your battles, and knowing when to act and how to react ultimately leads to making confident moves in everything you do in life. Consider the one who inspires you with bold moves and the smarts and confidence to back them up.

What are some of the qualities you look for in a role model? Let me know in the comments.

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