3 Spots to Find Affordable Furniture

I’m so excited to have my friend and college roommate Amy Kalikow write a guest blog for my site. She is the owner and designer of go-to-girl NYC where she loves helping people find great style at an affordable price.

Being a mother of 4 young children, finding the balance between spending money on beautiful furniture and knowing that my little angels will inevitably destroy what I bring home is something that I struggle with. Thankfully, a handful of stores have made that debate much simpler by interpreting incredible classics at a fraction of the price. As they say, imitation is the biggest form of flattery right?

1. The greatest place online for re-interpretation of classic furniture by such designers as Eero Saarinen and many more. Here they sell their version of the classic Saarinen dining table and tulip chairs, plus many other amazing classics by other famous furniture designers.

2. They deliver anywhere and have amazing pieces at every price point. The site is so easy to navigate and price options are endless.

3. Visit a store or go online to see their new collections. They really have some great pieces that are not only functional, but easy on the wallet. You can custom order couches in fabrics and make sure to ask if the fabric is treated so stains will be easy to remove!

My advice is to find your favorite designer or style and surf around to see where you can find a great re-interpretation that is within your budget. One fabulous piece is all you need to light up a room!

How do you pick new furniture for your home? Tell us in the comments below.