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Declutter Your Home: 10 Things You Can Throw Away Right Now

Your home is a sanctuary. It’s a place you can always come back to and a place where you are free to relax and unwind. But when your home gets messy, cluttered, or filled with things you don’t love, it won’t feel like a refuge. It will feel like a place you want to escape from, and that goes against the whole idea of a home. That’s why it’s important for me to always keep my home organized, clean, and beautiful.

When your home is clutter-free, you will feel an amazing sense of calm and your life will run more efficiently. Tidying up and decluttering will do wonders. Here are some things you can get rid of right now:

1. Magazines: If you haven’t read a magazine in two months, it’s time to throw the pile in the recycling bin. Consider even cancelling your subscription.

2. Extra Plastic/Paper Bags: Yes, these are useful but people always save way too many of them. Get rid of them. It’s inevitable that you’ll have more the next time you need them.

3. Extra Linen/Towels: Get rid of sheets with holes and stains that won’t come out. Really old towels should be thrown out too. If you wouldn’t want want your guests to use these, it’s time for them to go.

4. Dishes/Mugs: Get rid of anything chipped or cracked. It just looks tacky.

5. Old Clothes: Anything ripped or stained has got to go. Donate anything you haven’t worn in a year or just don’t feel good about.

6. Expired Cosmetics: It isn’t good for your eyes or skin to use expired products. Use this timetable as a guide throw away anything you can no longer use.

7. Books: Only save your absolute favorites. Other books that you’ve read or will probably never get to, give to a friend or coworker.

8. Damaged Items: It’s time to move on from damaged goods that you plan to fix one day. If you haven’t gotten around to repairing these things, you don’t really need ‘em.

9. Tupperware: Throw away any containers that are discolored, cracked, or warped. Then match all your containers with their lids. If anything doesn’t have a match, get rid of it.

10. Grooming Products: Most people have multiple bottles of shampoo, body lotion, or other products for personal grooming and skin care. Decide what products work for you and get rid of the rest. There’s no need to hoard products you don’t love.