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3 Peanut-Approved Weeknight Dinner Ideas

A few of my Facebook peeps asked me to share some kid-approved dinner ideas after I posted a pic of the Peanut’s dinner last week. I serve my daughter plenty of “fun” foods, but I make them healthier.

Here are 3 recipes to try, inspired by some of the Peanut’s favorite meals.

kid dinner ideas bethenny frankel

Chicken and Broccoli: So good and so good for you. This is a super quick dinner to make, and it’s easy to dress up by making heart shapes or broccoli trees.

Quesadillas: Kids and quesadillas are a combination you can’t really go wrong with. It’s easy to include healthy options like whole wheat tortillas and chopped veggies. You can even get the kids involved with a build-your-own setup.

Mini Pizzas: Pizza is perfectly healthy in moderation. Just like the quesadillas, it’s so simple to add veggies and protein — and your kids will love to create their own and make their own choices.

Do you have any go-to kid dinner ideas to share? Let me know xo