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Want to be Naturally Thin? Downsize Now

Clearly, America’s idea of a portion is out of whack. It’s time to separate yourself from all that ridiculous excess. I know we are supposedly living in a land of plenty, but that’s no reason to have a body of plenty. Wouldn’t you rather have energy, have vitality, and be naturally thin?

Downsizing is not deprivation. Actually, it’s the opposite. What would make you feel more deprived: a mountain of steamed vegetables and nothing else, or a couple of bites of delicious juicy steak, a small but vibrantly fresh salad, a few pieces of steamy roasted potato, and three bites of moist, delectable chocolate cake?

Downsizing allows you to eat anything you want, and that is incredibly freeing. You’ll never feel left out or unable to participate. You’ll never be shackled by limitations. If your portion is small, you can eat absolutely anything that really sounds good to you. Sometimes just knowing that you are “allowed” to nibble on a few french fries prevents you from overeating. Overeating is often a product of feeling deprived. You deprive and deprive yourself all day. Then you lose control and go crazy, eating everything in sight.

But what if you were never deprived of any food you wanted? Why would you ever bother to go crazy and overeat? Since I stopped depriving myself of the foods I wanted, and instead allowed myself a few perfect bites, I’ve lost the urge to binge. It just doesn’t happen anymore.

Every time you choose something to eat, you have an opportunity to downsize. But downsizing is a process of conscientious negotiation. If you usually have two pieces of toast for breakfast, would you be perfectly happy and satisfied with just one? What are they, bookends? Why does everybody always think that food has to come in twos? Two fried eggs, two slices of bacon, two pieces of toast. Who says you can’t eat one fried egg, one slice of bacon, and one slice of toast?

Are you having two out of habit? If you are having two pieces of toast because one just does not satisfy you and you need two pieces to feel that you’ve had enough breakfast, then have two pieces. But if one piece with some protein like peanut butter or a piece of cheese and a piece of fresh fruit fills you up, then this downsized version can actually be more filling and more nutritious.

Downsize your next meal to see how it works. If you downsize in a reasonable way in places that don’t matter to you, you’ll cut calories without feeling any loss at all.

This is an excerpt from Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, available on