Bethenny’s 15 Minute Power Yoga Routine

If you’re like me, you don’t always have an hour and a half to go to the yoga studio or gym. I can do 15 minutes, go to a meeting, come back and do 15 more.

I worked with yoga pro Mike McArdie on my Skinnygirl Workout DVD to combine the best moves to create this slimming 15 minute routine. Do it once, twice, or three times a day—it’s up to you. Each time, go through the entire sequence (both sides) twice.


Standing Forward Bend

Stand with feet together. Exhale as you sweep arms up, then down as you hinge forward at the waist, bringing hands to mat with knees slightly bent for Standing Forward Bend (as shown). Inhale and lengthen legs, lifting chest.


Leg Kick

Exhale and step right foot back, lowering into Lunge. Inhale and lift chest, then exhale and step left foot back, lifting hips to come into Downward Dog.

Inhale, bending knees; exhale and kick both feet up toward your butt. Repeat 5 times, then return to Downward Dog on an exhale.


Knee Bend

Lift right leg straight back on an exhale; bend right knee, opening it out to the side and slightly forward. Straighten leg out to side on an inhale; exhale and bend knee, bringing it forward to touch left elbow; repeat sequence (leg lift to touch) 2 to 5 times.

Inhale, bringing straight leg back and up; exhale and step right foot forward between hands for Lunge, lowering left knee down onto the mat. Engage abs and lift hands so they hover off mat; hold 2 to 5 breaths.


Prayer Position

Interlace hands behind back and lift torso up; press fists into tailbone or pull fists gently down; hold for 2 to 5 breaths. Inhale and sweep arms up, bringing hands to prayer position. Exhale and invert hands behind head to reverse prayer position, gently arching back; bring hands down to mat to frame right foot.

Bring hips back, straightening right leg and flexing right foot; inhale, lengthening spine, then exhale and fold over right leg; hold for 2 to 5 breaths.


Torso Balance

Bend right knee and come forward, then tuck left toes to raise back up into Lunge on an inhale. Exhale and rise up on right foot, bending left knee and clasping it with both hands.

Inhale, pulling knee in as you gently arch back, then exhale, folding forward to bring head to knee; repeat 2 to 5 times.

Inhale, lift torso, release right hand, and draw bent, lifted left knee out to left; hold for 2 to 5 breaths.

bethenny-warrior-one-400x400 (1)

Warrior One

Exhale, stepping left foot back to Warrior One with toes turned out to 45 degrees; bend right knee to 90 degrees. Inhale, raising arms to sky and arching gently back (as shown). Exhale, hinging forward at waist and sweeping arms down and back, then inhale and sweep back up; repeat 2 to 5 times.


Lunging Foot Switch

Exhale, then inhale, bringing hands to mat and tucking toes to return to Lunge (as shown); exhale and jump-switch your feet, landing in Lunge with right foot back. Alternate for a total of 5 times per side, then return to Lunge with left foot back.



Exhale and walk right foot to your left; inhale and lower both legs to the mat (left leg straight back with toes untucked, right leg bent in front with outside of leg on mat) to come into Pigeon. Exhale, bringing forehead toward mat; hold for 2 to 5 breaths, then use ab muscles to come back up on an inhale.


Knee To Nose

Tuck left toes again, lift left knee, round back, and tighten abs. Exhale, pulling right knee to nose (as shown); hold for 2 to 5 breaths.

bethenny-downward-dog-400x400 (1)

Downward Dog To Standing Forward Bend

Exhale and sweep right leg straight back, then down onto mat to come into Downward Dog (as shown). Bend knees, inhale, and look forward, then exhale and hop both feet forward between hands for Standing Forward Bend. Inhale, lengthening legs and lifting chest (fingertips still on mat), then exhale and relax. Inhale, sweeping arms up as you return to standing; repeat entire sequence on opposite side.

This article was originally featured on Photos by Chris Fanning.