5 Incredible Booty Boosters to Boost Your Confidence
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Combine these tips with a booty workout to boost your booty and your confidence!
Breast Cancer Warriors: Inspiring Women Who've Fought Cancer and Won!
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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, check out this diverse gallery of famous women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer… and who have won their battles!
How to Walk in High Heels!
Fitness // 07.18.14 // Add Comment shoe queen Kamilah Barrett makes walking in high heels look easy. In this how-to video, she walks you through the steps for mastering a confident, sexy strut in any size heel!
Diet Debate: Paleo or Paleo-No?
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With a new diet book released practically every week, Bethenny loves having a "Diet Debate" to give you the information direct from experts, and let you decide what nutritional plan works best for your body and lifestyle.
Take Care of Your Girls! Mammogram FAQ
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Are you worried about getting your first mammogram? Do you think you're too young to worry about your breast health? Dr. Scarmatto has all the answers for some of the most commonly asked questions.
Weight Loss Champ Gets Free Year at JD Fitness!
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Lori lost over 100 pounds the Bethenny way, using Skinnygirl products and advice. She was excited to be brought to "bethenny" to meet her inspiration
Bethenny vs. Bob Harper: The Great Diet Myth Debate!
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Should you go to bed hungry? Is it okay to eat peanut M&Ms at work? Bob and Bethenny get into it and debate what diet rules you should live by and which ones you can modify to work for you.
How Did You Lose Weight? Share Your Story!
Bethenny believes women learn best from their girlfriends who have gone through similar issues. Share your diet stories with us!
3 Things You Don't Know About Botox
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Three things to consider about Botox maintenance, from Dr. Doris Day!
How Soon Can Couples Have Post-Pregnancy Sex?