Food for Thought: Great Diet Debates!
Diet Debate // 04.11.14 // 3 Comments
Bethenny is a fitness expert along with being a foodie, but she sees our health as an ongoing conversation. What's right for one body may not be right for another.
Do You Count Calories?
Diet Debate // 04.11.14 // Add Comment
Watch Bethenny and "The Biggest Loser" coach Dolvett Quince debate whether you should count calories, and how many cheat days (if any) you should have each week.
Renee Graziano Opens Up About Her Addiction
Well-being // 03.19.14 // Add Comment
She says her relapse was the hardest thing for her to deal with on this season of "Mob Wives." Renee says that watching it unfold on the show "brought her shame."
Do You Have Happy Hormones?
Diet Debate // 03.14.14 // 4 Comments
When a new diet comes out, it's important not to run to the bookstore and crash diet. First, it's important to find out what works for you. This is why Bethenny loves a diet debate.
Do You Need a Sugar Detox?
Diet Debate // 03.13.14 // 3 Comments
The sugar detox wars are on! Is cutting refined sugar the healthiest path to weight loss?
Diet Debate: Paleo or Paleo-No?
Diet Debate // 03.7.14 // 14 Comments
With a new diet book released practically every week, Bethenny loves having a "Diet Debate" to give you the information direct from experts, and let you decide what nutritional plan works best for your body and lifestyle.
Ashley Wagner's Get-Fit Tips!
Fitness // 03.6.14 // Add Comment
Backstage at "bethenny," the bronze medal-winning figure skater tells us her top secrets for staying in shape.
Follow Carrie on Her Weight Loss Journey!
Well-being // 02.28.14 // 17 Comments
Carrie wrote in to ask Bethenny to help her with her addiction and to get on the path to weight loss!
Follow Daffaney on Her Weight Loss Journey!
Fitness // 02.26.14 // 4 Comments
Daffaney wrote to Bethenny to share her story and to ask for Bethenny's help. Watch what happens when the two meet.
3 Things You Don't Know About Botox
Plastic Surgery // 02.10.14 // 2 Comments
Three things to consider about Botox maintenance, from Dr. Doris Day!