french toast

Whole Grain French Toast

Whether you like to spend a lot of time or just a little on breakfast, put together something that tastes good and sets you on the right track for the day. When you dress yourself in the morning, choosing clothes that make you feel great sets the tone. It’s the same with breakfast.

French toast is really simple and even quicker to make than pancakes. It’s also thrifty because it’s a good way to use up bread that’s a little stale. Stale bread works best because it doesn’t fall apart. I also like to make this recipe using sprouted grain bread because it is naturally dense and doesn’t get mushy when it soaks in the egg mixture.


– 4 egg whites
– 1 tsp real vanilla extract
– 1 tsp maple syrup
– 4 slices any whole-grain bread, preferably slightly stale
– Topping: real maple syrup and/or fresh fruit

(Serves 2)


1. In a shallow pan big enough to hold four slices of bread, combine the egg whites, vanilla extract, and maple syrup. Beat lightly with a fork or a wire whisk. Put the four slices of bread into the pan, then flip them over to cool both sides.

2. Spray a nonstick skillet or griddle with cooking spray and place over medium heat. Remove the bread from the pan, mopping up any leftover egg whites with the bread. Cook the slices in the preheated skillet for 2-3 minutes on each side.

3. Serve immediately, drizzled with a small amount of maple syrup and topped with your favorite fresh fruit. (If you don’t have fresh fruit, heat ½ cup frozen fruit and serve it warm. This is nice in the winter when fresh fruit isn’t in season.)

This is an excerpt from The Skinnygirl Dish by Bethenny Frankel, available on