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Want to be Naturally Thin? Go Seasonal

If you want to be naturally thin, choose food that is in season, when you have the option.

Seasonal food is not only fresher and tastier but a lot less expensive. In December a grapefruit costs half of what it costs in July. In July a peach is at its perfect ripeness, but a peach shipped from a foreign country in the middle of winter will not only be pricier but dry and flavorless.

Nothing is more flavorful, nutritious, and satisfying than fresh-picked corn, tomatoes, artichokes, and asparagus in the summertime. That is why during the winter, the tomatoes in supermarkets are mushy and inferior, whereas the canned ones were picked and packaged at their peak. Not only is this way of eating and thinking more healthy; it is more cost-effective and more satisfying.

You can learn a lot about what is in season each month by visiting your local farmers’ market. In the spring, you’ll be offered baby peas, radishes, and new greens. In the summer, you’ll see tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, peaches, and berries. Come fall, you’ll get apples, pears, walnuts, pumpkins, and butternut squash. At a farmers’ market, you can often browse food that has been picked the same day. It’s hard to get fresher and more seasonal than this.

Learn what foods come into season when, and plan your eating around nature’s calendar.

This is an excerpt from Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, available at