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Upgrade Your Afternoon Snack

Some days, your snack and your lunch may morph into a single eating event. On other days, you won’t want a snack. But if you do, remember to choose something smart. Here are a few ways to upgrade your snack choices:

– Instead of potato chips, choose pretzels or soy or baked chips if you want salt. Choose raw veggies with hummus or bean dip if you want crunch.
– Instead of nachos or pizza drenched in cheese, have a slice of cheese and a few whole-grain crackers. If you do choose a slice of pizza, choose one with vegetables on top, blot the oil, and eat only half of the slice. Do you really want the whole crust?
– Instead of a large, fake, frozen yogurt ice cream with toppings, have low-fat ice cream or yogurt, or have one small scoop of real, full-fat ice cream, and enjoy every bite. It’s liberating! Preferably, choose a more natural brand that comes in individual cups. The regular versions of real ice creams are very high in fat, but at least they contain real ingredients. Remember to get real. Better to have a couple of bites of the real stuff than a giant bowl of fat-free sugar-free “ice cream.” Or, do what I do and go for the happy medium–Ben & Jerry’s low-fat ice cream, with great ingredients, or a cup of sorbet, or even a popsicle. Read the label!
– Even better: plain yogurt with a little honey or real maple syrup and a handful of nuts mixed in makes a delicious snack. If you really need chocolate, add a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips. This is a surprisingly satisfying snack, in my opinion.

This is an excerpt from Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, available on

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